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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

36 weeks, 6 days

We have accomplished a lot here in the past few days. We bought a sewing machine and finished up her sling and nursing cover, which is a HUGE deal. Because none of us could figure out how to logistically put the sling together. We had used Meme's sewing machine since April, stitching it together, and then busting out the seams 8 times. Go figure, I just needed to ask my husband for directions. While he's never sewed before, and still doesn't consider it very manly, he's great at figuring out tough instructions. What an amazing guy I have! He told me what went where, and I did the stitchin'. He wants me to assure everyone he never touched the sewing machine except to bring it home from the store. = )

I have now moved on to cleaning as my favorite pass-time as we wait for her to get here. I am tired, but in the evenings I have the potential for a short burst of energy...which last night I used to disassemble a box fan and vacuum out the motor. (Huh?) I also scrubbed the tub, toilet, sink, floors, ceiling fan, finished up the laundry, organized, and even moved some decor around. Alas, this was just in our bedroom and bathroom and I still have lots to entertain me until she arrives.

We also have the hospital bag packed almost to perfection. It's hard to pick a coming-home outfit for yourself when you have no idea what's going to fit? It may be as extravagant as sweats and a T-shirt. LOL.

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